What People Say About Us

Client Testimonials

"I was in a dark space. I couldn't get out the bed or leave my room let alone my house. My life was in shambles he gave me the tools to put it back together. He went above and beyond even doing house visits. I recommend any and everyone to allow Mr Williams to help them."
Naquan Eley
Business Owner (37)
"Competent would be an understatement in describing Mr Williams's services. There is a lot of potential that I hope more people will experience as well."
Mr Dawodu
College student (19)
Joe's work is excellent because as a couple's therapist. He is knowledgeable and practical and he makes us feel heard while quickly and accurately addressing our issues.
Zoe Whyte and Carlo Pean
Academic Advisor/social worker & bookseller (29/31)
Joseph has been an amazing therapist who has helped me navigate and understand my day to day challenges. He is a great listener and provides valuable, actionable insight.
RealEstate Salesperson (34)
Joe does a great job of meeting me where I'm at and helping me structure and work towards my goals. He also brings something unique to his practice that a lot of people who haven't been satisfied with therapy in the past will likely benefit from.
Nic A.
Art director (27)
Joe creates an energetic, constructive atmosphere through dialogue. You can't arrive aimless, but he'll work through anything you bring to the table. He's great at giving you a mantra or two too, if you're someone who needs a reminder.
Christopher H.
Lawyer (32)
LCSW/Lyfe-Chess YNK, LLC's services has helped me a lot throughout high school and college with helping me improve myself in how I make decisions and take action on tasks. While also providing me with insight and guidance with building myself up more and bettering my mental health.
Christian A.
College (19)
Joe is versed in a variety of studies, languages and systems of understanding that support processing and reflection. He is precise, direct, and leads with questions. It feels as if revelations arrive in the form of self-discovery, and Joe encourages this with gentle, mindful guidance and prompts. I'm consistently left with applicable notes and reminders, and our work has been cumulative with vision pointed towards the past, present and future.
Musician/Professor (44)
Joe is my first and only therapist and we started our sessions in August of 2022. I wish I had gotten started sooner because since our first session I knew he was the right therapist for me. He pushed me to understand myself more by not only reflecting on my past, but confronting it as well. What I value most of all with Joe is how real is he because he gives me the courage and strength to keep pushing myself towards my endeavors and becoming a healthier person in the process.
Aaron C.
Assistant Investor (23)
Joe has helped me grow in a short period of time. His strategic approach to therapy is my biggest takeaway from working with him. He continues to help me out each session at a time I'd refer him to anyone seeking services
Employment Coordinator (36)
Joe Williams was professional and compassionate. He has a down to earth approach that makes it incredibly easy for him to engage clients who are new to therapy and is clinically savvy to cater to people with complex needs.
Michael and Selma Williams
LMSW and Train Operator (39)
Joe is an excellent therapist. Every conversation with him is relatable & authentic. Joe creates a safe space for vulnerability. And allows his clients to be experts in their own lives, while simultaneously offering a perspective that is encourages introspection, without being overly critical, or causing additional damage.
Lauren C.
Event Producer (29)
Joe Williams has very good communication skills and does a good job connecting with his patients and making them feel comfortable. Joe is also proficient in explaining / breaking down complex topics into simple regular terms so it can be digested and understood and applied to real life situations.
Finance Professional (38)
My son has been able to successfully voice his feelings, concerns, and thought processes surrounding his personal life as well as his future goals.
Educator (35)